Happy 4th of July! - What's New This Month?

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Hello Guilders!

This month has been incredibly successful thanks to all of you! We have reached highs of 30+ players on at a time, we have assembled a full staff team, and we completed our first competition; congrats to Daniel45754 on winning the voting competition and 3 free months of subscription status! A lot has been accomplished this month, but we have even more planned for this month!

Who is the best builder in MineGuild?
This month we are holding a building competition! Now that we've added new mini-games, we need arenas and that's where you come in!

You can compete by building an arena for Spleef, MobArena, and/or Paintball and we will choose one arena to win for each mini-game on July 31st. Visit "/warp spleef", "/warp paintball", and "/warp mobarena" to see what we already have.

Read how to submit your builds by clicking here and submit your in-game arenas before July 27th for a chance to win a free MineGuild subscriber rank for the month of August and, depending on the quality of your build, you may be eligible to receive a builder rank. Don't wait! Time is running out!

How do I play mini-games?
Right now we have 3 new mini-games for you to play!

Knock each other off the arena by destroying the blocks beneath them in Spleef! Visit "/warp spleef" and join a game today to play!

Take aim and fight against the enemy team in an all-out shootout in Paintball! Visit "/warp paintball" to play now.

Can you survive the waves? Fight against hordes of powerful mobs and see how long you can survive.

Fight as a lone wolf or in a team at "/warp MobArena"!

What's Prestige???
We are currently working on a new system where you earn new abilities in survival called "Prestige!" You will be able to earn prestige points through survival, mini-games, and much more, so be on the look-out for new details about this as we'll be making new announcements frequently.

Keep your eyes peeled for...

The Mineguild YouTube Program!

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Hi Guilders!

Since we've opened there has been an amazing outburst of support for our server and its staff, to which I thank you. While we continue to work on bugs and suggestions on our end, we have an offer to make to you dedicated players who pour their time into our server. With lag clearing up and 1.14 slowly becoming more and more stable, i'd like to introduce our YouTube program. Minecraft is at another all-time high this year and now's your chance to hop on this opportunity!

Here's the deal:
- Player(s) will record their adventures on MineGuild.
- Produce & Upload these videos to their channel(s) promoting the server. (Any advertising helps, even if its only once! ;))
- Reach 10,000 - 15,000 TOTAL views across their Mineguild video(s).
- The Mineguild Discord will provide a channel for you to promote your videos. (NO CONVERSATIONS, keep them in general.)

This does not need to become a job for you! Make it fun! As somebody who has been around communities of YouTubers for up to 10 years, I have plenty of tips on how to help you get started! Contact me about graphics, video editing, channel tags, video tags, descriptions, statistics, etc. if you have any questions, i'd love to help! We don't want this to be a one ended deal, though!

What you will receive: (After reaching 10k-15k views)
- OFFICIAL Mineguild YouTuber rank (Shown below)
- Permissions to fly, god and other cool perks
- Greater Input on player events or server features
- OFFICIAL recognition in MineGuild Spawn
- Early Access to planned worlds, features and builds. (Depending on their restrictions)
- Your now active YouTube Channel, ofc :p
*other features may be available upon request

I'd love to see your hardwork pay off as you continue to play on MineGuild! However, If you get this far, I must warn you of what can get your rank taken away!

Rank Removal Reasons:
- Severe abuse of Power (God, Fly, Early Access Abuse)
- Permanent Ban (Even if Appealed)
- MineGuild Content-Stealing
- Staff Disrespect through video (Determined by Upper Staff)
- Termination of YouTube channel (Community Guidelines Strikes)

Thank you for working with...

June Vote Competition

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Hey all!

We will be giving away 3 months of Diamond Subscription to the top voter for the month of June! :mc_278-0:

The player who wins this competition will receive:

- 1 Diamond Crate a day, which allows you to activate one of the following for a short period of time (with a 10% chance of receiving double):
  • Instant Smelt
  • Super Pickaxe
  • XP Booster x5
  • Haste 5
  • Fortune 4
  • Spawner Booster x6
  • Smelting x10
- All aesthetic options, including:
  • Colored chat
  • All particle trails
  • Colored text on signs
  • /hat
  • Sit in chairs
  • Emoticons in chat
  • Choice of Icon by name
  • Choice of bracket and name colors
  • /me
All voters will also receive 2 diamonds, $7500, and 3 levels of XP for each site they vote on. To see the sites you can vote on, run the /vote command in-game. Make sure you're online when you vote!

The competition ends June 30th at 11:59 PM UTC.


MineGuild May Update

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Hi everyone!

The last two weeks have been both rewarding and hectic as we have transitioned from a small beta community to a growing public server! Compounding to our struggle staying on top of the hundreds of in-game tickets with our small staff team, we updated to 1.14 days before we opened! This caused us a few growing pains and for me a lot of grief. We are grateful that you decided to stick with us as we quickly resolved the several issues that we ran into and for sticking with us through the issues we are still working through. Despite the bugs, we managed to launch new features in this short time period as well.

Here’s some of what’s changed since we’ve opened:

  • Market is now open! I hope all of you are aware by now, but we have a custom, fully dynamic economy based on the Gold Standard formula and how much players buy/sell an item. The economy is inherently anti-exploit as the signs in market change prices constantly. We’ve also made the gold sell price worth more than the other items, giving more value to gold. If you haven’t seen the tutorial, I highly recommend going to /warp markettut or /warp market to find more information about it.
  • Our rank store is open! Thank you to the amazing players who have donated to keep our server running (Eturtle, corey9396, RacineUSMC, HeapLink, Hanzocraft) - you’re the real ones. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend you do.
  • Set the end in nodes 1 and nodes 2 to regenerate on every restart so more players can fight the ender dragon
  • Opened a node 3 to help with player load balancing as 1.14 is poorly optimized for more than 15 players / node as of the time of posting of this, even though in 1.13 we could support many more.
  • Introduced world save-lag announcements to help prevent deaths due to the 1.14 lag that currently plagues every 1.14 server.
  • Fixed a bug where colors would not transfer cross-node in tablist.
  • Pushed a hotfix for players to get stuck via filled map in the fallback server and another hotfix for any staff to un-trap players stuck via filled map (this mostly applies to builders who get stuck in a non-survival server)
  • Fixed Loading databases… issue
  • Removed...

MineGuild April Update

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Time certainly does fly. Who could believe that we are already just about two months into this project? Though we are not open yet, we have seen plenty of ups and downs. The ups, of which we’d like to continue, are perfect for sorting out what we should continue to work on to facilitate the growth of our community. The downs, are just as important as the ups! They provide us with the most knowledge that we can learn from. But why do I mention this? It is important that your voice is heard, and that our ups and downs be pointed out immediately. Our community wouldn’t exist without YOU! Therefore, your continued suggestions for improvement are essential to our development. We want to make sure that from the time our server is launched, we hit a home run to provide the warmest, most ideal and greatest community and MineCraft Server experience possible.
This brings me to my next point. MineGuild has officially set our grand opening date! As of May 17, 2019, MineGuild will open her doors to the many players of the MineCraft world. We would request all of you to be in attendance on our opening day. This way, all of our new players could feel the warmth that all of us have felt over the last 6+ years that many of us have known each other. We look forward to opening for the public to reveal what all of us have been working so hard for. Speaking of which, here is a little insight into what we’ve been working on.
The Development team, lead by the fearless Axe2760, has been working countless hours to develop the backbone of the server. We have recently been transitioning from our basic server setup, to a more complex multi-server setup. This way, we will be more stable and allow for many more users to have a smooth experience that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, with the help of commarch, they’ve developed an excellent economy system that works off of real-life economic principles. This way, we ensure fair prices for all items. Go dev!
Our architecture team, lead by the amazing Raixhu, has been on the front line, succeeding at making the player’s first impression of our server flawless! Our builders have spent an abundance of their time to develop...

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